Hornet Watersports

Business: Hornet Watersports

Occupation: Paddle Designer & Manufacturer

Location: Biddeford, Maine

Address: Earth and Blue, 10 West Point Lane, Suite 10-205, Biddeford, ME 04005

ZIP: 04005

Phone: (207) 710-0130

Education: High school

Hobbies: SUP & Dragonboat paddling

Blog: https://www.hornetwatersports.com/blogs/news

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Hornet Watersports is an American company from Biddeford, Maine. We take great pride in manufacturing high-end dragonboat and SUP paddles for people, who enjoy these outdoor activities. Our goal is to create products, that reflect their owners’ personalities. For those who are looking for something even more special, you can ask about our custom paddles at info@hornetwatersports.com.