Heather E Estep

Business: Stop Thumb Sucking

Location: Dover, Delaware

Address: 8 The Green

ZIP: 19901

Phone: +1 619-808-9786

Education: High school

Pediatricians and dentists say 3-6 years old is the best age to quit thumb sucking Over the last 10 years there has been a surge of pediatric dentist specialists opening offices, and as a results more attention to child oral development. Before then, the rule of thumb (pun intended) was that a child should stop. Our friends and family find it strange that we’ve taken a big chunk out of our lives to review devices that help kids stop thumb sucking. Well, we think it’s a bit weird to, but if you had witnessed and paid for as many teeth corrections as we have, endured the whining and tears and unsuccessful bribery, then you would understand what we are all about.