Harmony Place Drug Rehab Philadelphia

Business: Harmony Place Drug Rehab Philadelphia

Occupation: Addiction treatment center

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Address: 1420 Locust St Suite 15A

ZIP: 19102

Phone: 2152617687

Education: High school

Gender: Male

Date Birth: 03/20/1988

Relationship Status: Single

Some people feel apprehensive about entering a rehab facility because of the detoxification period and what to expect. Here at Harmony Place Drug Rehab Philadelphia, we provide 24/7 care and a professional staff that will regulate and monitor your physical and emotional needs. Once obtaining a medical clearance from the MD on staff, you will be able to participate in all the residential programming of Harmony Place. To know more about Philadelphia Drug Treatment Centers or please call us @ (215) 261-7687. Address :- 1420 Locust St Suite 15A, Philadelphia, PA, 19102, USA Phone :- (215) 261-7687