Edward Parker

Business: Best Coffee Shop In Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Address: Haringpakkerssteeg 3

ZIP: 1012 LR

Education: Grad/professional school

Blog: https://www.prixdami.nl/healthy-snacks-make-your-day-best/

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Gender: Male

Date Birth: 01/01/1994

Relationship Status: Single

I think the largest coffee shop in amsterdam is prix d’ami. It is one of my favorite place. Located in a very attractive part of the city, only 2 minutes walk from the Central Station and in the vicinity of Amsterdam’s most visited museums and attractions. The local has up to 500 seats, 5 smoking areas, a cinema room and 36 flat screens hanging throughout the building, making watching football matches easy and exciting for the guests. The kitchen offers an excellent menu with a wide variety of choices! And not only that. The food here is top quality, kept in excellent conditions, always fresh, carefully cooked and inexplicably delicious!