Dr. Ryan A. Stanton

Business: Ryan A. Stanton, MD

Occupation: Owner

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Address: 9090 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

ZIP: 90211

Phone: 310-278-0077

Education: High school

Blog: http://drryanstanton.com

After years of notable success in plastic surgery, Dr. Stanton opened the Modern Institute of Surgery, Inc and BHHI to address Complete Body Rejuvenation. Complete Body Rejuvenation is achieved his unique approach in dealing with both enhancing external appearance via Cosmetic Surgery Procedures at the Modern Institute of Surgery and optimizing internal health via his application of anti-aging therapy, bio-identical hormones, vitamins, herbals, and super-foods as well as his latest introduction of novel stem-cell and growth factor rich platelet-rich plasma therapy available through Beverly Hills Hormone Institute (BHHI). Both approaches have maximized his patients’ outward appearance and self-esteem, while aiding health and longevity.