Dmitriy Epelboym

Business: Cosmetic Dentistry Center

Occupation: Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Address: 7708 4th Avenue

ZIP: 11209

Phone: +1 718-491-3100

Education: Some college

School: New York University - College of Dentistry


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Gender: Male

Dr. Dmitry Epelboym is a best rated dentist in Brooklyn. Nationally recognized as 2017 America’s Top Cosmetic Dentist. He is a leading dentist sited in prominent media outlets. At Cosmetic Dentistry Center in Brooklyn, you’ll find compassionate dental care you can trust. Best rated dentist Dr. Epelboym uses the most advanced 3D scanning equipment available in USA. Latest machine reduces the radiation dose by more than 77% in comparison to conventional AC units.