Business: Busy Bee Home Cleaning Mn

Occupation: Cleaning Services

Location: Lakeville, Minnesota

Address: 20730 Holyoke Ave. Suite 125, Lakeville MN, 5

ZIP: 55044

Phone: 6122356997

Education: Grad/professional school

Blog: https://bzbcleaning.blogspot.in

Gender: Male

Date Birth: 01/01/1990

Busy Bee Cleaning company benchmarks a quality driven cleaning process called C.O.R.E. training (Cleaning One-way for Residential Employees) developed by experts with more than 25 years in this industry. Each of our cleaners has been thoroughly trained in their system. Our cleaners clean from top-to-bottom, left-to-right around each room so that nothing can be missed. They utilize specially designed aprons to carry adequate tools ‘at their finger tips’. Hard surfaces and floors are cleaned with the revolutionary microfiber rags or mops.