Daniel Stoica

Business: Daniel Stoica

Occupation: Consulting

Location: Roscoe, Illinois

Address: 10923 Oconto Road

ZIP: 61073

Phone: 888-469-3003

Knows About: Accounting

Education: College graduate

School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Hobbies: Social Networking

Blog: http://www.DanielStoica.com/blog

Gender: Male

Date Birth: 10/26/1966

A full service independent accounting professional located in Roscoe, Illinois, USA. Serving local, national and international clients. Minimizing your tax liability and maximizing your net worth at the same time by providing you with professional consulting, accounting and tax preparation services with a personal dedication, going beyond my own expertise and using the resources of my professional network to meet your needs.™ Translating your passion into a successful business!™