Advisor: Clare J Fazackerley, CPA CFP® AFC®

Business: 1TaxFinancial

Occupation: CPA CFP® AFC®

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Address: 5931 Beacraft Avenue

ZIP: 45213

Phone: 513-794-1829

Knows About: Financial Planning

Education: College graduate

School: Sonoma State University

Hobbies: Reading, Camping, Volunteer work


Gender: Female

Date Birth: 11/18/1954

Relationship Status: Married

1TaxFinancial is Professional Service with a Personal Touch! With 20+ years’ experience in the tax business and a career in banking & regulation behind her, Clare provides clients with a full range of individual & small business tax preparation, financial planning & counseling, and general personal financial advice.

Advisor: Financial Planning
1TaxFinancial: Your money, your values, your sanity! Professional Service with a Personal Touch