Advisor: Christian Bohyn

Business: Monkey Sold

Location: Orlando, Florida

Address: 8934 Conroy Windermere Road

ZIP: 32835

Phone: 407-706-3130

Knows About: Real Estate

Education: College graduate

School: European University France

Hobbies: Internet Marketing, Flying Cessna, Reading, Work Out


Gender: Male

Date Birth: 02/22/1958

Christian Bohyn, MBA, licensed Real Estate Broker Associate with RE/MAX. Moved from Belgium/Europe to Florida in 2002. Prior to the move he had his own import/export business. Sold it and took a job in corporate as European Business Development Director with GE Capital, there he learned the insurance industry. After 5 yr in the insurance industry he decided to go back on his own and build 2 businesses, a 3rd party administration co. and a data- warehousing, mining co. He sold it all for an early retirement in the us. Ever since his arrival in the US, he has been investing in Real Estate. As a result he lost millions of dollars. He learned to get out quick. That was the start of a new venture:Helping others negotiate with their creditors.

Advisor: Real Estate
Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent. specializes in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure by negotiating with lenders, loan modification or short sale.