Advisor: Bonnie Clark

Business: Kratos Financial & Insurance Solutions

Location: Temecula, California

Address: 31569 Corte Salinas

ZIP: 92592

Phone: 951-506-6193

Knows About: Financial Planning


Gender: Female

As a financial services specialist in Temecula, CA, my goal is to help as many families as possible take control of their own financial future and have a retirement they can rely on while giving them the most liquidity, use, and control today. I work closely with my clients to design financial plans that will help them manage risk, insure financial peace of mind and not be dependent upon outside factors such as stock market loss and tax increases any more than they want to be.

Advisor: Financial Planning
Bonnie Clark is Temecula’s “infinite banking specialist” and can show you how to … •build tax free wealth •make your money a boomerang