Body Flow Wellness

Business: Body Flow Wellness

Occupation: health and wellness

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Address: 50 S Belcher Rd #124

ZIP: 33765

Phone: (727) 560-6104

Education: High school

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"Body Flow Wellness are experts in Colon Hydrotherapy and the art of detoxification. The goal with Colon Hydrotherapy is to remove waste and toxins that have built up over time, allowing your digestive system to function more efficiently. Using the Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy is an unparalleled treatment for digestive concerns. As seen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Angel of Water hydrotherapy will detox your body, ridding your system of built-up waste and toxins. With this advanced colon treatment, you can achieve optimal digestive function and relief from constipation. We offer the exclusive Angel of Water, FDA-approved open system in the Tampa Bay area. Learn more about this advanced holistic treatment below."