Autowreckers Auckland

Business: Autowreckers Auckland

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Address: 26 Patrick St, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

ZIP: 1061

Phone: 0800 563 163

Education: Post grad


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Is your old car costing you huge repairs? Are you tired of visiting the mechanic’s shop? If you don’t want to drive that old, junk piece of metal, then sell it for the best prices at Auto Wreckers. Auckland-based car wrecking, recycling specialists, we offer top cash for old cars irrespective of its condition. Our auto appraisers estimate the best price for the car and give you cash instantly, whether it is working, accidental, damaged, or completely dead. We also offer free removal services for scrap cars in Auckland. So, make the most of your old car and get the highest prices possible. Call our experts today.