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Business: Deluxe Laser and Spa

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Address: 1895 Centre St Suite 205

ZIP: 02132

Phone: (617) 615-2292

Education: High school

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Gender: Male

Date Birth: 02/25/2020

Developed in 2012 in Boston Massachusetts, Deluxe Laser Health club is a family owned laser treatment and medspa organisation that provide healthy and safe treatments using the most recent and pertinent innovation from the market to date. We value our consumer’s health and comfort above all while using our services at an economical cost. Our services consist of body contouring, tattoo elimination, wrinkle treatments and a lot more. By visiting our site, you can find more details on our services, contact info and verified client reviews. Give us a call at 617-615-2292 and get a complimentary assessment!