Palmer Johnson III

Location: Little Elm, Texas

Address: P.O. Box 897

ZIP: 75068

Phone: (214) 622-3054

Education: College graduate

School: Austin College

Hobbies: Real Estate investing, sports, reading, working out

Gender: Male

Date Birth: 05/21/1974

Visionary minded professional that is simply trying to create the break that I've been searching for for many years. I am so close that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet so far away that it frustrates me to say the least. I am a down to earth, grounded, intelligent man that simply loves to meet new people, take on new challenges and opportunities, and I persevere in the face of obstacles where most would simply give up or not even try. I like to believe that I'm a person you want to know because I may not be to my goal yet, but once I get there, the world will know about me before it's all said and done. Not being conceited, just quietly confident and convicted in my own abilities, even though others might not see it.