Painspecialist Clinic

Business: Painspecialist Clinic

Location: New Delhi, India

Address: Shiv Shankara, H-48 green park extension behind Hotel

ZIP: 110016

Phone: 8076984407

Education: High school

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Gender: Female

Date Birth: 08/10/1990

Relationship Status: Single

Pain Specialist Clinic has some Best Physiotherapist for Back Pain in Delhi who cures their patient without giving them much pain. The treatment gives you quick relief at a very affordable price. Before starting their treatment first, they will look at the matter or your situation then they will decide what will be better for you. The therapist is very high skilled and knows what to do on such type of situation. Even after you heal with the pain then also they give an after treatment so that the pain does not able to disturb you again. So, if you are also facing such problem then take therapy from Pain Specialist Clinic.