Michael Stosich

Business: iDentity Orthodontics

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Address: 1525 E. 55th St, Suite 303

ZIP: 60615

Phone: (773) 947-8884

Gender: Male

At his office in Grayslake, orthodontics for adults and children begins with a complimentary consultation by orthodontist Dr. Michael Stosich. This initial visit typically takes one hour and includes panoramic X-rays and a comprehensive clinical exam. Treatment options are explained and recommendations provided. Treatment can include the use of appliances to guide jaw growth in young children, or Invisalign for adults. For this orthodontist in Grayslake, braces for children often are applied after months or even years of periodic observation appointments. Dr. Stosich frequently sees children for checkups to evaluate facial growth and the eruption of permanent teeth so he can determine the ideal time to begin treatment.