Business: bedjet

Occupation: Owner

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

Address: BEDJET LLC,217 Goddard Row,Newport, RI 02840 USA

ZIP: 02840

Phone: 1-401-404-5250

Education: High school

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Gender: Male

Date Birth: 01/01/1989

Relationship Status: Married

Bed Jet is one of the leading providers of the Bed heaters, Bed fan under sheets, Bed fan with the wireless remote and heating and cooling sheets. The sheets provided by Bed Jet is basically performance engineered and is luxuriously soft. It has 100% layer of cotton temperature that has been designed with the hollow interior flow cavities for the Air nozzle to plug in. This is the cloud sheet that enables the most even distribution of the air in bed for the comfort of the customers. You can also check out the bed fan reviews in order to know the customer’s preferences.